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. and the inspections are so intrusive that they as a practical matter do not have breakout pass. exhibit c obama suggested that the us may allow iran to enrich uranium in the future. if it proves to be for peaceful use israel had criticized the new figure strongly saying he is only weakening the pressure on iran. it's time now for the latest in a business news trade representatives from twelve pacific rim countries i sit across the table from each other they're discussing the details of the massive free trade deal. i did to that joins us now from the business is good morning i'd be negotiated. many times before what's different this time will pass and this is their last scheduled meeting for now at least for them to reach an agreement. however catherine japanese and us officials still need to bridge gaps on contentious issues in the trans pacific partnership reach the talks are trying to find common ground in bilateral discussions with the view to closing a deal by the end of the year. yes she was soon a senior vice minister of japan's cabinet office. a us trade representative michael bowman are
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1